the disease is said to commence. In regard to the temperature the
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since the disappearance of the last scab, and not till six weeks since
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lymph, there is rarely any great increase in the pericardial fluid,
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respiration is but slightly increased. There is either no cough or
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pains soon follow; the stools are apt to be clay-colored; a rapid pulse
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Intercostal neuralgia and gastralgia may be confused with this
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stipation and rapid early prostration and collapse.
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was forthcoming of men, w^ho had been addicted to alcohol,
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The diagnosis of a typical hard chancre is not difficult, but the
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presence of blindness, and above all the persistent head retraction,
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ment of the lymphatic glands in the supraclavicular and inguinal
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The change of position, which the kidney undergoes,
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who had been driven off by their fellow-labourers from working
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of boric acid, may be employed ; but neither are so efficacious.
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especially in cases following rhetmiatism. Those cases resisting
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anxious. If the case is tending towards a fatal issue the above
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In an experiment of our own upon a cat, we caused com-
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indicated in psoriasis, but can be used with advantage in other obstinate
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ized by more diffuse pain and tenderness. The physical signs are
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under the influence of a cycloplegic and the state of refraction and
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tained £rom the sputum. The maimer in which it produces the
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those in which dilatation is slight, external pericardial adhesions
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care being taken to eliminate all starchy, fatty, or saccharine sub-
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blood tube casts in the urine. The presence of these casts,