pharynx may show signs of recent inflammation. But careful

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sixth from gallstones, and about one-twelfth from intussusception.

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fection is of the mixed variety, i.e. the virus of "soft" and of "hard"

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(it may be an atrophy) in the large cells occupying the anterior

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and itchy, the bowels constipated, the stools whitish or clay-colored,

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kidney floating with its hilum directed upwards in the position

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in the order given. In some cases they give rise to no symptoms

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alkalies in an effervescent mixture. Occasionally a small dose of

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variola, though common enough in varicella, especially on the trunk

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below the normal. Anemia develops and often a subacute nephritis

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The patient's general condition continued good, and, as

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Adrenalin chloride solution (i in i,ooo), given by mouth,

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surface is covered with small, yellowish points which closely resemble

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prevertebral fascia. Taking into consideration the anatomical

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The smaller type begins as a tiny red spot, which develops into an