but it usually stops at a certain point, where it may cease, or the tissue may

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have received independent support through investigations carried out by

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which rarely extend beyond the nose ; and a large majority of the cases

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furic acid with an equal volume of 0.3 percent water so-

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rather than B t is taken to indicate the ml of ferrous sulfate-methyl

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(b) If several analyses are to be done, other groups of four

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which they have very willingly given me upon the subsequent

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erysipelas is a clinical term used for a disease accompanied by certain local

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scribed above. A thermometer is kept in the mixture,

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Immediate causes are a failure of uterine contractions or of

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patients who were tested with rose pollen were also tested with

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and the prognosis in a given case may be fairly influenced by the character

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were mingled several so-called 'anti-rheumatica,' thinking that

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injections, by producing repeated inflammatory reactions, cause an increase of the

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monia in urine (par. 172), the ammonia caught in the

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vaginal washes. You perhaps have given various homoeopathic

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renal vessels and the absence of any other kidney. The same

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after meals, began. The s>Tnptoms gradually increased in

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the aid of statistics gathered almost entirely from allopathic

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effect of a simple purgative, half an ounce of castor-oil was given,

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epidemic occurs, where all the cases are marked by severe symptoms.

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knoANTi that there is a decrease in the vital capacity in patients

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cysts shows a few thin rhomboidal crystals of cholesterine,

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Regarding Weight. — The relative accuracy of the six standards

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the size of normal which stain deeply. Such cells probably

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Enterobacteriaceae are placed in this "waste-basket" group. (See

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mentions ascending paralysis as a rare sequela, and perhaps depending on

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Even the most obscure cerebrospinal syphiHs usually presents