the usefulness of potatoes in the prevention and cure of scurvy.
there is no tenderness over the muscles. In pleurodynia these points of
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boys had eaten a hearty dinner, and retired to bed in apparent
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with flatulence and colicky pains; if these symptoms be not speed-
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have been observed which go far to substantiate the general cor-
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men to cry out with the suffering ; there was intense thirst in many
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child appears somewhat morose ; his sleep is slightly diminished,
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nails with cyanosis, and the coma ends in death, oris slowly recovered from
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nal serum and containing a greatly diminished amount of protein.
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profession, it ever has been — a conservative art. His pride was to
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per periods, and recording the phenomena observed. The period
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been corrected nature itself will do all the neces-
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to afford the means of a fair comparison. * In the interval of twenty
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phate. An eighth injection of 3 cc, a ninth of 2.5 cc, and a tenth of 2.5 cc were
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muscles waste, the patient is confined to his bed, there is physical and
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vesting; exclusive ownership in the inventor, with the right to dispose
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3 The most careful microscopical examination fails to decide what modem pathology is still earnestly
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Prognosis. — Acute ascending paralysis is generally fatal. It may last
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several fields. Of the 18 positive sputa, only 4 had many organisms to
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• p. 348, Proceedings 1896. t P 348, Proceedings 1896.
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lation was not complete until 45 minutes after the extraction of blood.
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II. Mathematical Expression of the Curve Representing
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and Bv-Laws therein recommended, was proposed, in accordance
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fuflness of the jugular veins. The patient had experienced no pain-
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method of blood sugar determination described by Lewis and Benedict
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teen from the south of east, thirteen from the south of west, eighteen
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the technique of perfusion was perfected. In these experiments there
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foetal condition of the lung by the very simple mechanism pointed
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isolated. 6. The most frequent of the alterations under examina-
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submitted it to examination. The bottle, a so-called
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mental disturbance or excitement may bring ou a paroxysm.
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an animal give rise to marked changes in the serum proteins, and
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by anfesthesia of the other. The paralysis is rarely complete at first, but
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live under conditions different from those usually present within the
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most of it was expelled, and a strong spasm was induced. The
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has been made in this laboratory from horse serum and employed
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cles ; much of the blood, however, being fluid, both in the heart
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pallidum used in this study specific agglutination was not considered
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ants to keep a fiy off his thigh, as he was very much annoyed by
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a study of the place he occupies, and will continue
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in the right pleura were contained about three pints of serum, and
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injection there was an expulsion of sixteen scybala.
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To this last conclusion the Professor attaches great importance,