diarrhcea and abdominal pains in the beginning, and afterwards, sooner or later,
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sarcolemma over the surfaces of union of the fusiform bodies, so
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which he is to regulate his conceptions of all similar states. Cer-
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demics have furnished much matter for discussion, and still offer large scope for
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male, weighing seven pounds; the second a male, weighing four pounds; the
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After death, it was found that the transverse colon was invagi-
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have been neither scarlatina nor diphtheria, but bore an analogy
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are only briefly handled in our treatises on surgery.
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has against small-pox after having survived one attack.
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river deposits, consisting of a black mud composed chiefly of vegetable fibre,
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which an impure blood meets with generally in its passage
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Becquerel, of Paris. The name cirrhosis was given by Laennec to a peculiar
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and comparatively painless. Unless applied by a phys-
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upon the second eye must in no way be underrated. Since I have
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friction. Calomel and opium were given, but he became worse, and
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indications of changes in the nervous system were to be found
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the artisan, deprives his family of food, firing, clothing, and clean ventilated
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velled upwards to the sensorium commune and excited sensation ;
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Dr. Maudsley's work, deyoted to the consideration of the emo-
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stances described, must not be received as any positive indica-
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ceased. A small compress and bandage was then applied with moderate
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Let us here say that there is no pain or other symptom
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She was bled from the arm, and one hundred leeches were applied to the thigh,