mixed with blood and pulpy matter; the breath is fetid; anorexia
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The pains require rest in bed and the administration of analgesics.
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the desire for knowledge, and the capacity for learning, of
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phy of the muscles, feeble or absent knee-jerks, and absent or dimin-
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about the anus, with a desire for stool, the passages often contain-
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was attached to the colon and involved in the adhesions.
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observers, who in various parts of the world, and almost from the
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Eustachian tube frequently leads to catarrh of the middle ear,
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The kidney will be firmly fixed by newly formed adhesions,
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M. S. — Dessertspoonfvd every three or four hours, diluted.
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present in varying degree. In this particular case it is doubtful
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siderable general emptying of the auricle during the auricular
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The crepitant rdle is produced by the movement of fluid in the
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plicated by chronic sore throat, diphtheria, ophthalmia, diarrhea,
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and congested in others, and the mucous and submucous coats
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maxillary and zygomatic fossae ; the inner wall is in relation
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should be exercised ; it is therefore scarcely credible that such
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the infantile form the artificial feedings shotdd be properly adjtisted
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and other suppurating diseases, rheumatic affections and croupous
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One-third of the total children, aged 3-5 in Brighton, attend
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