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in October, 1863. He was a man of high standing in his

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tated contemporaries of ours to seek out the Gazette's address

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journal we hear that homoeopathy is making very sati.' factory progress in Mexico,

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execution, in the midst of the agony of which he was compelled

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Cough hollow, jarring ; bronchitis, jarring head and bowels ;

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fluence is at present quite uncertain, for the body needs so small an amount

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of Dr. J. Kast, of that place ; educated at the colleges of Vienna,

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On the TIBIAL EXTREMITY the lesions are rarely of the

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Finding patients with the more or less distinctive symptoms of

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with Remarks upon Symptomatology and Treatment; "Severe Hemor-

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Society, taking particular interest in the early Coloaial

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At the Allerheiligen Hospital at Breslau, in 1833, there were

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of the twenty-four hours, is eminently in place. I give two,

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Moray, in loio, was pursued by a ravenous wolf, which

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a moment of supreme importance to him, and as he ad-

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Dr. Bermingham, a brief account of whose principal works we

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and corresponding member of the Boston Gynaecological Society. In

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Medical Association, Society of the Alumni of St. Vincent 's Hospital,

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cealed Pregnancy: its Relations to Abdominal Surgery ; "

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private licensed institution for the treatment of insane patients which

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6. "Fracture of the Tarsal Bones" (N. Y. State Jour, of Med., Nov., 1911).

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Some pain in stomach all of the time now. j£sciilns hippo-

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a similar drug, in large doses, and thus we shall very frequently be able to

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Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. You can follow the whole

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teach clinical surgery in this institution or in America.

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all the wounds treated, but the number would increase by 3

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equally applicable to the other doctrines : " I can see no good

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month. It is really easier to pass the sound at this time, not-

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and so openly rejoiced in, by believers in that much-discussed

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the "Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal and Reporter," Sep-

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Shrine, and is a Knights Templar. He is also a member of the New

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appointed by the Faculty demonstrator of anatomy, which

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tinuously held, and in 1910 became president of the Medical Board of

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arrested. In the previous experiments, the heart undisturbed in

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line of Reginald Hall Sayre, having located at Charlestown, Massa-

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members were elected ; and the members of bureaus, and tne

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that the publication of the Index Medicus is not, as was

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part of the vermiferous subject. Just as the Aphis, or green fly,

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region, upon the value of which he has the following to say in the

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The stimulus may be conveyed through the sympathetic nerve-

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surpassed their expectations, and the longer he was known