Etiology. — Whooping-cough occurs in frequent and either localised

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stronghold of typhus in endemic or epidemic form ever since

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tissues is increased, as may occur, for instance, as the result of

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h. Demonstration op Tetanus Toxin. Inject, subcutaneously,

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fully attended, sixty persons being present. Alvin F. Story,

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where the aim sought was upon every hand identical.

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Club," and the number of active members is limited to fifteen. Each member reads

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intervals — every two hours or so. Chicken-broth, milk and soda-water,

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difficult inspiration while sitting, with soreness of the sternum

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matic work by Bishop Coxe, entitled " Saul," in which the evil

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ride as preservative. Triturate 6 gm of soluble starch with cold

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and extremely tender. Body of testis normal. Scrotum slightly

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torial, " Shall we change the name ? " in other words, " Shall we

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his associates in the profession and the community. His tender nature, generous

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Heat the alcohol and the aldehyde in a water bath at 50°

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1883.] State Legislation and the Practice of Medicine. 163

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capillary tube of 2 mm bore, 5 to 7 mm outer diameter, and about

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stinacy, and impulses to commit wrong acts were present again ;

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a. General. If preservation of color is not essential, as

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the roughness of the basal systolic murmur. It is more hkely,

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than anytliing else to satisfy her present hysteria; 25 c.c. of

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found sensitive to these pollens, and if they ever cause hay-fever

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close, fatigue, lassitude, and nausea may be felt, and there is sometimes an

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Bacteria require oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen phos-

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the field. Along with this, I caused a camphor liniment to be

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pendent on his existence. It is a matter for congratulation that

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for the somewhat shorter stay. A 7-foot plate of the heart,

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of their life cycles. Note that the genus Trypanosoma may assume

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whole organ is invaded. Moreover, if the aggregation of leucocytes in

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vibrio, which may grow and multiply on the mucosa without invading it,

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" Two applications for the hundred-dollars-a-month license to

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As a result his nutrition has suffered greatly and his weight

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tion of organisms after they have been isolated in pure

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cases treated for early hay-fever who were tested with corn

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the solution and penetrates 2 or 3 cm below the surface ;