parasitic, exerts a similar action on gelatine. Acids — lactic acid, etc.,
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and go according to the position of the patient. In some 10 per
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that, in the easily palpable abdomens of children, such
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until convalescence is well established. The various symptoms
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due to functional or organic derangement of the small intestines,
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axilla and the angle of the scaptda. The second soimd in the ptd-
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tions have been few in this direction. Extirpation of the diseased
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of certain groups of muscles. The paralysis is proportionate to the
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to this condition favouring the contamination of the water supply,
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also produce this disease. Among the predisposing causes may be
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stools are sometimes bile-stained. These symptoms may continue
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of albumen in the urine, heematuria, optic neuritis, and, in children,
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bacillus is neutralised. That this protection is the result of the action
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gr. V to vijss (0.3 to 0.5 gm.), boric acid, gr. v to x (0.32 to 0.65 gm.),
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Diagnosis. — Milium and comedo are somewhat similar in appear-
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tannin solution (i to 2 per cent.), sulphate of zinc (3 per cent,
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cell infiltration beginning in the coriiun and gradually invading the
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food, and death may be directly due to inanition. In the
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PUariasis is most difficult to treat. The symptoms should be met
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these have thoroughly acted at about the thirty-sixth hour, the third
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his life, and remained undiminished to the last. Nothing was
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should be freely given combined with the use of potassium iodide and
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especially prevalent in cattle, the jaws and tongue being the parts
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of six hours the dosage is increased 2 drops. The belladonna mixture
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usually results from some intercurrent affection. Treatment is of no
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Febrile paroxysms are not uncommon. The appetite is impaired
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urine had been squeezed down to the ureter. This proceeding
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Sometimes there is a superficial suppurative osteitis affecting
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the necessary attendants should be allowed access to the patients.
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drous glucose, got an absorption of y^' 2 per cent., or 26*9
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the lung, and when found, is usually diagnostic of this affection,
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but because they are direct poisons to the cause of the disease. Typhoid
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calves, vomiting and diarrhcea, faintness, or rigors. The tempera-
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are, first, acute tuberculous affectio?is, especially meningitis, general
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Osteoplastij3 resection of the tarsus (Mikulicz-Wladimiroff) 315