dressings , proper position , cradles , etc.) , absolute rest in bed if the

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becoming so accustomed to this special stimulation when gradually applied,

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stitial tissue and the alveoli of the lungs; characterized by d3rspnea,

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(0.12 to 0.2 c.c), every half hour or hour for a number of doses, alone

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ally becomes fuller and stronger, the countenance becomes brighter,

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most value in making a diagnosis are the obstinate constipation, the

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the abscess. If a flushing gouge has not been used, the cavity

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in gradually increasing doses under the skin of a sheep, rabbit, or horse,

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(10 per cent.) in glycerin to the diseased areas is efficacious in many


croscopically to be hypertrophied in various degrees, according to the

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The tefiiperature in simple scarlet fever rises rather rapidly, and

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normal it is still a little higher on the side opposite to a unilateral lesion.

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normal, to something very near it. The second exacerbation is

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often reaching 105% rarely 107^., with rapid, full pulse may be

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obvious noxious properties are concerned. The substance contained in

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way of the alimentary canal. The mucous membrane of the

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named "continuous" or "continued" fever. When vomiting is