body. This condition, known as saprtemia, or true toxaemia,
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Symptoms. — ^Those common to all cerebral tumors are: Headache,
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but no mechanical obstruction was discovered. The only
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The Committee on Physical Deterioration were emphatic
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the first few days in a light jacket-poultice, which should be changed
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the history, pulse, temperature, and presence of leucin and tyrosin
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accepted the invitation of the section to open the question.
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other disease, the points of distinction between which will be pointed
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ence, it is desirable also to trephine over each frontal eminence, and
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dangerous than useful. The depression may be relieved by small
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and that are constantly in use, are undergoing similar changes. In the
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tion of the skin with some edema often results from involvement of
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infected sutures at a later date. The kidney is found sur-
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or with slight mental confusion, or with rapid return to consciousness.
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the solution of the bromide of arsenic, TUiij to v (0.2 to 0.3 c.c.)
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catarrhal condition with infiltration of the walls of the intestine
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of cade in the form of glycerole. It is not so cold, and does not soil linen.
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affinity for the membranous labyrinth, but the characteristic lesions
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and strychnine should be administered freely. Plain cod-liver oil,
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depressors, spoons, etc., should be boiled or kept immersed in carbolic
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thesia. It was probably due to a partial kink in the ureter —
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but, in the undisturbed condition of the parts, there did not
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Renal colic is characterized by paroxysmal pain, which begins
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are milk, two to three pints of which may be given in twenty-four
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change may be found post-mortem in those djring of any form of
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became gradually worse, and, by the end of three months, it
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closed. An opening was made above the pubes sufficient to
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is the itching, or, at times, burning, which varies from that which is
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dietary should not be considered until the temperature has remained
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In long-standing cases, the probability of restoration of the affected