recorded. Happily such extreme instances are rare indeed.

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inquiry into what a Hving (as also a non-living) body or any part

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by decided irregular jactitations of the muscles of the face (histrionic

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this it generally falls a degree or so below normal, and remains subnormal

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they penetrate it. It is generally conceded that they are enlarge-

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Ventro-suspension of the uterus, the procedure devised by

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nose. With the stomatitis are also associated pain in the mouth

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numbers of people within a very short space of time. This feature,

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beneficial. Strychnine sulphate, gr. ^4 (0.0025 gm.), three times

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sciousness, irregular, noisy respiration, and complete muscular

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condition. If the infiltration becomes purulent, quinine sulphate,

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green stool appear. When this appears, after the bowels have moved

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with nitroglycerin, strychnine, or morphine, potassium iodide, or

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of the stomach may be mapped out by physical examination by

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glands and lymphatic chains, those on the left being much

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The following application will usually remove the "com:"

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Palpation also serves to detect the shock induced by the closure

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ance of the eruption, although for the most part not descending

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may manifest itself as a general septic infection without any ana-

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The superficial reflexes are unaltered ; the tendon jerks,

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irritation, and contact with irritants. The tmderlying causes shoulr^

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pupil becoming somewhat larger than the other, or the pupils may be

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Definition. — An acute, infectious, contagious, epidemic, febrile

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that the average mortality may be assumed to be about 50 per

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assumes a nasal quality, and the act of swallowing results in the

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often produced when carrying a bale of hides. A slight amount of

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applied. Intense white spots on the mucous membrane constitute

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upon, that this should be combined with nephrorrhaphy,

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with visible peristalsis of the small bowel. He had first com-

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occasionally haemorrhages in the arachnoid space have been met

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Smallpox is an acute, specific, contagious disorder, characterised

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by crisis, and although the prostration is extreme, con\-alescence is

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commends pyrogallic acid, 6 parts ; salicylic acid, 2 parts; ichthyol,