Cases occur more frequently in cold than in warm seasons.

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ble Flora of Sir W. Jackson Hooker, will perceive how frequent

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Donaldson, H. H. 1916 A preliminary determination of the part played by

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either causes or contributes to the fatal result whenever the larynx be-

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cine, it ought to be our constant effort to form habits of analyz-

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to the trigeminal' sensory i^ucleus. A portion of the mesen-

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toplasm masses of different shape and size around the glia cells.

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tilation should be secured. Tlie air of the room, in the treatment of cases

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between the mylohyoid and the side of the tongue. It curves

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voluntary muscles, and the nutrition of different structures, are affected by

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tracted as far as possible, you cut through the body of the penis :

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gitis. It is certain than in the immense majority of cases the remedy is

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' For this table, vide Treatise on Urinary and Renal Diseases, by TVm, Roberta,

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returns to the same organ, in completing the circle, by the vein ;

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stage and the stage of desiccation in proportion as the eruption is copi-

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final. We can hardly pass from our mention of such i with which they are investigated. — N. ¥. Journal ff

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' In an interesting paper on the treatment of paralysis by systematic exercise,

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to carry on connected trains of thought. The incoherent talking or mut-

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too minute to be detected by the sense of touch. If this ex-

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Treatment. — Acute inflammation of the substance of the kidneys

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Sclerosis. Non-Intlaniinatory Softening of tlie Brain. Morbid Growths or Tumors within the

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The great majority of patients affected with paralysis of the insane,

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The paralysis may be limited to the lower extremities (paraplegia), or

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foxmd intermingled with the immyelinated threads (fig. 22).

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was observed. The latter condition of the urine existed on his admission,

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danea, the bromitles, or the chloral hydrate, are often required by restless*

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contagion. The table commences with May, 1818, and is

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change, when considerable, is a permanent structural lesion, rendering

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tions giving rise to paralysis of either voluntary motion or of sensation

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sometimes indurated, resembling, in resistance, the kidne}-, and micro-

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