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the foo _n the astragalus projects prominently. The anterior tibial ves-
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ited in this fibrous tissue or the cheesy mass may be converted into a
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is this connection, this grouping together, with a more detailed knowledge
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may be able to reach a diagnosis on the third day, that is, the first day of
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quiescent. ° Ulceration, dilatation of the bronchi, and the formation of
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severe cases of typhus fever, the blood readily escapes through the walls
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continues, it is then termed passive congestion. This is usually due to
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the patient being in a sitting posture, the line of flatness in liver enlarge-
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1 Laennec taught that bronchial respiration was due to the saperior conducting power of condensed
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the technic of the operation of staphylorrhaphy and uranoplasty, larger
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severe frost or a *' freeze" puts an end to the further progress of the dis-
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variety of ways. It may be produced by agitation of the liquid from tlis
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ment of any of the so-called depurative remedial agents. It is claimed that
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positions. By old methods, the reduction of these dislocations was often
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Gluteal. — Ligation is necessary in case of gluteal aneurysm. The
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used in the tissues where it was allowed to remain, but it has been shown
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cedent of an endocardial murmur. A mitral murmur, in acute endocar-
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rhubarb combined with small doses of ipecacuanha. Cod-liver oil should
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eign bodies removed, such as splinters, bullets, dirt, pieces of glass,
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removed by the knife. Cancers of the breast are operable early.
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absolute paralysis of the tissues below, the sore may be readily healed,
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ability of the practitioner in locating the cause. Great stress should
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tiiin and mesentery. There is always ascites ; the flnid collects <,Ma<liiallv,
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pain becomes agonizing, and a fatal tcnninution may at any time occur from
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means of a long tube passed through the nose. Milk best serves the pur-
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is rarely the sequela of sub-acute, much less of acute, gastritis, unless the
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ulceration corresponds to that of the necrotic tissue ; if an entire
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chronic gastritis. Xausea and vomiting are more apt to occur in chronic
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to'twenty dichotomous branches. The head of the medio-cannellata is more
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geal secretion is excessive, the local ai)])lication of tiiri)entine son)etinie3
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by the circumscribed pleurisies which attend phthisical processes. Diy
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Cold may be applied in the form of a cold water coil or ice-pack,
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often beneficial in chronic cases. While a patient with acute lobular
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out. in some cases, operation nnry be advised. The operation consists in
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There is a form of this disease which has been called liijpertropliic
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coat, through a sympathetic nervous stimulus, that is intended to produce
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else quite a large tract of the bronchial ramifications maj- undergo enlargement. Then many such sacs of
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A complete work on Breedixur and Bearing all varieties of Fancy Babbits, givlnir
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The suture is made from the submucosa of the intestine of the sheep.
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may shoot down either arm. If the intercostal nerves are pressed on, there
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be enlarged, when it may be seized with forceps or a scoop, or a Volk-