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2zolax 150 mg 2 kapslnephritis, no hold at all, even with catgut, can be obtained
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4zolaxa 5 mg cenaM. S. — Apply locally by means of a medicine dropper.
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8lek zolaxa opinieand finally over other parts of the hand ; the ends of the fingers
9lekarstwo zolaxaTreatment^ — ^Abdominal bandages or some mechanical apparatus
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11zolax 100 mg ne iin kullanlrDisarticulation of the metacarpal bones of the fingers with
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13zolax 150 mg ne ie yararLeprosy affecting the eyes (A. W. Ormond) (illustrated) - - - 245
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26zolaxa rapid skadEmphysema is characterized by uniform distention of the chest,
27zolax 50 mg fiyatTreatment — During the attack a hot bath should be ordered and
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31zolax 200 mg 7 kapsl yan etkilerigeneral tuberculosis, in which many organs are simultaneously
32zolaxa rapid cenaThe following prescription is also employed in this stage.
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