common situation. The lesions are scattered and show no tendency
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darker, and in parts brownish black. Old irregular cicatrices of
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of actinomycosis or of aspergillar mycosis of the production of any
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kind, soups made with meat and without flour, game, poultry,
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Sometimes, as in other infectious fevers, the disease assumes a
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lymph exudation has disappeared, leaving only thickening and
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use, or even of including the subcostal nerve in their grasp,
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different stages of phthisis, in pneimaonia, pleural effusion, and
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tration of 10 drops of adrenalin solution (i to 1,000). Strychnine,
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" pernicious " is applied to the condition. (a) In the cerebral,
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Causes. — ^The predisposing causes of all forms are summer and
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and certainly seemed to be so. There were signs of fibrotic
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having presented such practical subjects, as the management of labour, and
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The following four cases, for which I am indebted to the
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tongue, hurried respiration, delirium, diarrhoea, and so on. Such
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M. S. — ^Tablespoonful every three or four hours.
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Joint and muscular pains may be so severe as to require the external
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covers with plently of wool, and allows the dressing to remain for from two
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globular masses; this variety occurs with emphysema, gout, rheu-
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sometimes by fatty changes, sometimes by the contraction of
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follicle, and the epidermis over it is seen to be dry and loose.
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cases of non-specific inflammation of the faucial, nasal, and
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turnal delirium, insomnia, twitching, spasmodic contractions of the
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Among the many exciting causes are disturbances of digestion,
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recommend for these mild cases, as being both agreeable
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ous, in which case marked stridor develops. In some cases it is