symptoms not unlike those of Graves' disease. The symptoms

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Pathology. — The pathology of the two varieties is the same — ^both

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portant respect from any ordinar}' nutrient medium. The organisms in

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reflex to light, but reaction to accommodation retained; Fraenkel's

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of the heart and spleen and of the clear sound of the Itmg, together


olives, unsweetened jellies, almonds, walnuts, butternuts, filberts,

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the sustained cultivation of the leprous bacillus has been known.

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nature, broth, peptone-gelatine, agar-agar, solidified blood serum, milk,

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Some cases of this kind are not truly rheumatic, but are a gonor-

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limited, but slowly increasing. This swelling is hard and red, and

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the endocardium is doubtful ; but we have no other means of

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This was due to his extensive and thorough acquaintance with

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is periodically shaken off the drops of oil, after which a new crop

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the condition of the abdominal muscles will prove far from

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, treatment of diseases of (John Hay) (illustrated) - _ ■ 487

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Definition. — ^An acute, specific, infectious disease; characterized

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efficient application. The oleate of mercury, and boric acid may also

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Treatment — ^This is largely prophylactic. Cleanliness of both

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in coolie quarters, and prisoners in a jail, may be stamped out. In

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house as far as possible, by means of screens or otherwise; all dis-

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termines the force^ frequency y and regularity of the cardiac impulse.

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injury has been noticed ; these are called idiopathic, and have been


plished by measures to strengthen the heart's action, tonics, perfect

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still more frequently the disease spreads from the liver through the

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is sometimes carried on in a pressure of 50 to 60 inches, i.e. three

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common to all chronic hepatic affections. The diagnosis is difficult

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the peripheral resistance. An impulse then passes along the

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months. It is an interesting fact that in England, at any rate,

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The exciting cause is a microorganism or group of microorganisms.